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Good News for NC-Rained Out of My Dock Office

Aug 26, 2008

I worked very late last night, slept in until about 9:30 this morning and woke up to the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay dropping inches of rain on North Carolina.

The rain was pooring down fast and the first thing we ended up doing was bailing out one of our boats, the pump/batteries couldn't keep up with the rain.

Then we pulled a paddle boat out of the water that was almost full as well.

The office was pretty much wet everywhere from the rain falling into the office sideways. I don't keep my major equipment in the office (gets stowed away at night), so there was no damage or anything, but I'm going to be working somewhere high and dry.

The rain came at a great time as the lake was just starting to get dangerously low. Here when water levels run low, the conventional wisdom is that 9-12 months down the road we could run out of drinking water.

The reality is when it gets very low, we have a longer supply of drinking water, but we do not have a water supply that can keep the dozens of power plants cooled down and running. No water, means no cooling systems and that means power shut down, black out across the South East and possible power grid strains on the east coast.

It would really suck if a drought in North Carolina triggered a blackout or riot in DC or NYC or any of those acronym cities ending in a 'C'.

Fortunately, we have picked up a good amount of water and with luck, we'll get lots lots more over the next few days.

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