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Where's Utterz Going with Upgrade? Broken CSS?

Aug 26, 2008

I'm seeing several broken css styles with the rendering on Utterz today.

Plus, the query to start typing what I'm doing (as opposed to typing a title) and then to actually type what I'm doing in the body section, is down right confusing.

When I first saw this, I thought Utterz had added one of those mood ring like tools found on Facebook. (ex. Brett is Happy today. Brett is soaking wet from rain today or Brett is lost in a social media design today. :) or Brett is . . . yada yada yada)

I'm seeing text input boxes that do not fit with in the theme for the body section of Utterz.

Also, the Add Audio Pic Video buttons seem a little buggy as well.

I have a feeling that there was an attempt to make things wider and address some of the feedback requests of the past, but something definitely seems to be wrong in the execution.

I'm browsing in Firefox 3 on a 17" laptop with resolution set at 1080 I think.

As to the text prompts to kick things off, I think using verbage that sounds Facebooky is a mistake for several reasons.

1. It limits Utterz capability.

2. There are facebook connotations here that will mess with people and make Utterz feel like a bit of a knock off, which it isn't.

3. three, three, . . . I forget what three was for, but

4. You can't see the body text box, when you start the title text box, and that is just confusing up front and on the back end when it does show up.

In general, this just doesn't feel very tight. Maybe that's an execution thing, but aside from the wider boxes, the purpose of some of these changes seems mis-directed.

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