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Early Night 4 Early Flight

Aug 8, 2008

I'm calling it an early night as I have an early flight in the morning. I'm heading to the Voices International conference in Los Angeles first. I've been working with my friend Joe Klein building up a new and interesting venture. He's speaking at the event on Sunday, and I'll be doing a little video work for that show.

Then we head to Vegas with a pit stop in Laughlin, Nevada. In Vegas we'll be meeting lots and lots of old friends and likely some new ones (like AndyCaster) at the New Media Expo (

We're hitting town on Wednesday and the show kicks off Thursday.

This will be my third year at the show, and so in some ways its going to feel very very familiar, but this is the first time it will be in Vegas. So for that reason, a lot of us old fish are going to be playing in a new fish bowl.

I have some high hopes and expectations for the show and it has never let me down in the past. In fact, 85% of my running business models were formed, derived and improved upon during and immediately after the New Media Expo.

For me, meeting up with the people there is more like hanging out at a summer camp mixed with a think tank fueled with fun, drinks and lots of tools and education.

Well, I've got an early night and I've been burning a candle at both ends this week as I launch a major campaign for one of my favorite products (more on that soon!) so its off to bed, and I'll offer updates soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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