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Fair Weather Profiles and Headshots

Aug 8, 2008

I don't change my profile headshots on different sites very often. I guess you could say I stick with my profile when I find one that I can live with. I don't dump my headshot at the earliest indication of bad weather, or inept lighting, a hair out of place or even a little blurriness. But today I finally got around to making a change.

I see many people around the social networking world that change their headshots like they change their clothes. I'm not jealous, but I do appreciate the work they go to to accomplish that task and I'll admit that I am impressed as well.

I tend to keep a profile or headshot around for months if not a year or two (typically until someone tells me that my profile doesn't look like me any more).

I added this profile today. It casts me with a serious brooding demeanor, which is funny to me. As my demeanor inside is usually a riot of laughter, but my poker face rarely reveals this to other people unless alcohol is involved.

In part I created and updated my headshot as I will be attending conferences this week in LA and Las Vegas and I wanted to get something more up to date, so that it would be easier for people to recognize me. I'm no celebrity by a long shot, and many times at these events any bit of familiarity can open the door to a great conversation and in real life just like on the web, on my blogs or on social networks like Utterz or Facebook, I love a good conversation.

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