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Hairy Family Bonding Moments

Aug 10, 2008

Guy at Utterz(…NTEyMjAxNQ ) asked us today, "My Dad taught me how to do some basic things, like how to check the oil in the car, how to change a plug, how to shave. What skills are you going to pass onto your kids?"

Here's my thoughts on the topic. I had a little difficulty zeroing in on things as I wrote this while I was waking up 3,000 miles away from my kids, but I think towards the end of my article, I was finally able to zero in on things....

I'm still working on this one with my kids, but I'm shooting for a few of the following:

-sharing my love of books

-teach them how to ally on a skate board

-teaching them how to type and use voice recognition to compose

-teaching them how to cope with, deal with and enjoy people in all their peculiarities

-instilling in them the value of circular logic, rhetoric and paradox

-teaching them to enjoy all types of music

-showing them how to have fun

-teaching them how to survive through whatever life might throw at them

-teaching them to be funny to keep me entertained when I get older

Now, in the short term, we're trying to get our youngest daughter potty trained and speaking clearly. We're trying to teach our middle daughter how to wipe her rear end successfully without breaking the toilet. My son, who is my oldest child, is currently the most difficult as he's growing past the easier lessons and so its a fluid thing, but next up I think will be teaching him how to be aware of his surroundings and the things in those surroundings + teaching him how to ride a motorcycle(My middle daughter will probably pick up those last two lessons at the same time as my son.).

As to the shaving, my kids are likely going to be hairy little big foots, like myself.

I may skip some of the shaving lessons and just take the whole family to the local laser hair removal center together. Maybe if we go get zapped together, it can become a hairy family bonding moment for all of us.

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