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Blogger Meet Up at the Belagio

Nov 8, 2007

So the bar that used to be next to the fountain is now Circo, so instead lets meet at Caramel in the Bellagio (Possible back up at the Fixx in the Belagio.)

Time:  Start accumulating for drinks around 6:30 on Friday of blogworld

Picture time: Say around 7:30

Here's a couple images of the bars banners.  Caramel is in through the Bellagio main intrance and then hook a right in the lobby (maybe 25 meters in).  Head down about 100 meters and its on the left.  Fix is further down and to the right a bit.  (Caramel is usually easier to deal with.)

call or email me if you need directions



If you need to identify me, watch some of the videos in the older posts below.  I don't look much like a real estate agent imho.

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if you have time swing by Downtown Cocktail Lounge on friday sometime between 5:30-7:30 for free food and drinks :)

Stop by the booth #233 for an invite.

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