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Can You Work Productively When You Are Sick?

Nov 13, 2007

I used to get sick a lot more often than I am today.  A decade a go, I could bring my A Game to work when I was sick.  I was used to it, I could almost thrive on it, and I was not only good when I was sick, sometimes I was better.

Not today.  For the last 7-10 years, I have been going through a very healthy stage of my life.  I have been much more productive overall since I have been more healthy.  However, I have not been able to practice, play or be sick as much and my sick game is dwindling.

Some old Michael Jordan fans might remember MJ, playing against Utah with a nasty flu and playing great. That was me years ago, I could play great sick.  Going to work dosed up on Actifed or Sudafed was almost the norm.  I'd get in the zone and just plow through tasks, assignments, projects and missions.

Today, I might get sick a couple times a year.  Now, I'm doing good to keep myself awake when I'm sick.  I do not think it has anything to do with the colds being worse, I think its just lack of practice.

You have to go to work with the body you have, healthy or sick.  To perform well, you need practice with the body that you have and not the one you would like to have.

This week has started off for me with work being performed by my sick self.  I was on my game last week as I came down with this cold, but once it hit with force on Sunday, I have been hard pressed to do anything more than flutter my eyes open.

Each paragraph I write here, requires a 30 second break in between.  Each sentence makes me want to stop writing, kick back, close my eyes and sleep off this cold.  I've slept more in the last 3 days than I have in the previous 7 days.  If someone were to write a 360 degree evaluation on myself, I would write, "Strategic, Incisive, good speaker, brings the highest level of effort, except when sick. Needs to practice work when sick to make up for this deficiency."

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