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Charlotte North Carolina Social Media Connections

Nov 2, 2007

I received an interesting inquiry this week from a firm looking for a social media manager in Charlotte North Carolina.  An internet finance company was looking for a social media manager.  The social media aspect of the position was right up my ally, but the finance aspect covered areas that I have moved out of, actually moved out of about 6-7 years ago.

I think the position is interesting however, and so as I venture to BlogWorld next week, I intend to keep my eyes, ears, comments and email open for people that might be interested in a local job in Charlotte.  I have a feeling that there may not be too many people specifically fitting the bill for this particular job in Charlotte itself yet, as Social Media marketing is relatively a new field.  However, for people that have some of the capabilities or requirements, there might still be an opportunity if the company in question decides to possibly contract out elements of the work, and bring in an overall jack of all trades super blogger, software developer, sales person and finance expert later on down the road.

Not trying to toot my own horn, but I am most of those things.  I don't know too many others like that, however, I doubt that I am completely unique, so if you have those skills or even some combination of them let me know and we can look at getting you in contact with the right people for this salaried position or possibly some of the sub contract work that might come out of it later.

Stranger things happen, my mother once tried to find nursing jobs through a local hospital and ended up working as a librarian for a hospital.  Sometimes interesting opportunities come in packages that you do not exactly expect to find.

Seriously about the Contact Info

You can reach me via a comment, or if you prefer something a little more private drop me a line through Softduit or reach out to me via LinkedIn.  I'm pretty easy to contact for a reason!

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