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Holiday Recovery my Verizon Phone Was Tortured in New York

Nov 26, 2007

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.  My family and I drove up to upstate New York for Thanksgiving.  It was a long drive up, and a short drive back.  Both times we drove at night, and I did most of the driving since I tend to stay up most of the night.

While I was there, I did a lot of work catching up on things and a little bit of studying learning how to graphically design websites with Photoshop, cut them in Fireworks and move on from there to Dreamweaver where I am very comfortable.  Next up I have to find the CSS step in that equation.

While I was in upstate New York, my Verizon phone about had a melt down.  Those goofy Verizon network guys apparently have not made it to upstate New York because the connection there was TERRIBLE!

My phone (a palm treo 700) was continually attempting to connect and then giving a mournful beep of dispair when it lost a connection after clinging to it for a second or two.  This happened so often that it kept draining my battery within a couple hours and drove everyone nuts with the beeping sounds of cellular death and agony that my phone kept emitting.

So long story short, I didn't do a lot of video blogging over the holidays and that is the reason for the break in connection.  I did have a good dsl connection, but lately I have gotten so used to mobile blogging that I am sort of out of the habit here about actually writing something from a computer!

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2 Gabbles(comments):

The service may not be high speed 3g digital... but it still works... Thats the difference between Verizon in Upstate NY and the others.... Even though it isn't always fast for data transfers - it works... which is better than no service...

Having grown up in the finger lakes - I can tell you that sometimes a few bars of analog beats nothing...

Matt Ellsworth said...
10:23 AM  

Thanks for the comment Matt.

The thing is that Verizon definitely did not work. No service what so ever. Verizon was completely sucking wind in upstate New York and for all the good my severely overpriced Verizon service was doing for me, I might as well have been whispering in the wind.

Bit of irony, we switched from Tmobile to Verizon because our relatives in New York recommended it.

I think we will be switching back some time soon. Our Verizon service costs almost 5 times more than our Tmobile service did (for the same level of service).

BrettBum said...
10:56 AM  

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