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Yahoo Messenger Spammers Taste The Viral Grape Vine

Nov 17, 2007

I do not even recall why, but the other day I turned Yahoo Messenger back on.  I had un-installed it a few months back when it took a crap on me and never put it back on, relying on Skype.

I've had it up for a week or two now and I get lots and lots of spammers pinging me left and right.  So I've decided to follow some advice (completely out of context) from a friend of mine that I met in Vegas.

His advice is to 'smack them on the ass and send them on their way.'

Now, I'm not the type of person that would do that with a real person, but with a spammer on the internet, it seems like the perfect tactic.

So when I get pinged, I just drop them a reply with a crazy article from Viral Grape Vine.  Who knows maybe they'll even steal my content or something and circulate it around the internet for me . . .


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