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Trick or Treating with the Kids and My 14th Wedding Anniversary

Nov 1, 2007

Yesterday (Halloween) was my 14th wedding anniversary.  My wife and I were married on Halloween in Savannah, Georgia.  Halloween is a high holiday in Savannah beneath St Patrick's day, but above Christmas.  Getting married on Halloween was one of the smartest things I ever did because it is virtually impossible for me to ever forget our anniversary!

These days my wife and I refer to it as our standing yearly date, and we of course spend it taking the kids trick or treating.

The kids had a great time of course.  We went to a Halloween party, they were in a costume contest, and then we walked them from house to house for a couple hours and let them go to bed late.

Somewhere in there, we ate dinner, and the kids went on a hay bail ride too. 

For those of you curious about what I dressed up as for Halloween . . .

The answer is I'm weird enough to go as myself, but I have known that for a long time.  In fact it only surprises other people that I am already aware of this.  The kids on the other hand dressed up as a ghoul, a fairy princess and a lady bug.

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