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Hitting 100 on a 100+ day

Aug 4, 2008

The Temperature here is on its way right up to 100 degrees, and I'm having a good time working on the dock today. I've got some big projects on my 'dock-et' plus, I just noticed that my Facebook account hit 100 friends.


I don't go out collecting networking connections just to have them, but I do socialize.

It seemed somewhat appropriate that my 100th friend added was Raj Dash ( ). Raj is a great blogger and does lots of great things over at (…g/raj-dash ).

He helped me significantly in my early days as a blogger, and I promptly went out like a good pupil and worked to confirm everything he taught me the hard way, by doing it wrong. :)

What can I say, I like to break things!

That said, I highly recommend him for lots of things, including his advice and it kind of made my day to have him added to my list as my 100th friend. :)

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