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Keeping Bessie From Getting Ugly

Aug 3, 2008

Hey Bloggi, thanks for the feedback on my reply. :) (something on point about getting positive feedback from your voice as opposed to a thumbs up that I think makes a good example on point here).

I made a little video for this discussion and situation, and I want to just say up front, that my long winded replies on this topic and the creation of my video are derived more for my passion about Utterz and have nothing to do with a disagreement with anyone here on their own opinions.

I'm very happy that the topic has come up, because I personally have learned a lot just from talking about it here and hope everyone else has as well, regardless of whether you agree with any part of what I'm saying or not. :)

I think bloggi touched on a great point about what makes Utterz special, which I might further describe like this.

Utterz can be a tool and it can be a social network but when it works best it is a synergy between both. Before people jump the gun, change things and start passing out unique baby gifts for a 2.0 shower, we need to continue discussing the actual impact on the culture of people using the utterz social network.

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