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Defacto Gas Rations in effect Charlotte, NC

Sep 25, 2008

We are running out of gas here in North Carolina. Don't Drive Here! You won't get out!

For the very few gas stations that have gas, they are selling people $20 in gas at a time, or a little less than 5 gallons at about $4.19.

I'm supposed to drive from NC to Alabama tomorrow, no idea what it looks like in SC, GA or AL but heard last week that TN was out of gas already!

My Fellow Americans, We are screwed! :)

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Wow! Is this all due to Hurricane Ike? At the risk of sounding ignorant, I'm in Ausint Texas and had no idea it was that bad elsewhere. Gas is 3.38 on E. Ben White Blvd.

Sorry to hear it is so messed up out there.

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