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Prices Skyrocketing Today (Gas & Plane Fare)

Sep 12, 2008

This morning when I woke up the local newspaper suggested that gas prices at the pump would go up $1.50 per gallon.

So far they have gone up about $1.00 a gallon within 24 hours.

I was also tracking airline rates to book my flight to Blogworld next Friday. They had been going down about $20 every other day flying from Charlotte to Las Vegas.

Today, they have increased by about $250 dollars for three stop flights and by $300 - $400 for direct and 1 stop flights.

I may end up having to scrap my trip if the rates don't come back down a bit (or if I don't line up a little more business at the show).

Just curious what other people are seeing around the country tonight. Have your gas prices jumped over $5.00 a gallon yet? Are you seeing gas stations running out of gas?

We're seeing all of that and then some. Prices at the pump are ranging from about $4.60 - $5.30 a gallon and going up by the hour.  I swear we all need to undergo drug treatment for this insane addiction to oil that we suffer from as a society, at least in real drug treatment programs you might run into a pretty actress, with oil prices we just run into poverty and financial ruin.

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it's because of hurricane Ike hitting the oil producing area around Galvison, TX

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