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Screw Ghostbusters, Where is the Goonies Remake

Sep 6, 2008

I'm happy as a clam drying out in the sun when I hear that there is going to be a Ghostbusters remake.  Whoopty Doo!

I want to know, where is the Goonies sequel or remake?

Ghostbusters was great for one liners, but didn't have much in the way of plot.  We need an edgy teen movie with an adventure plot.  You know one of those movies where the kids are threatened with death, cuss a lot for effect, and get over sexified at ages that adults can't understand.

Maybe this time we should even throw in a pregnant teen mother, and alcoholic middle schooler and a heroin addict in their sophmore year of high school to keep up with the times.


Oh, I forgot, we had that last time!

Guess we just need a random bit of school shooting, a group of kids where all but one of the kids are fat, and they each spend a thousand dollars a week online, while texting their thumbs to the nub and masturbating to internet porn on their Macs while watching Nickleodeon on HDTV.

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