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Sep 27, 2008

For those of you that follow me on Utterz, you may have listened to some of my experiences as I was driving today from Charlotte North Carolina, down Interstate 100_0128 85 through South Carolina, and then through Northeast Georgia heading to Atlanta, and then west on Interstate 20 to Birmingham Alabama. I was driving to Birmingham for a conference called Birmingham Wordcamt (for the life of me I can't get Dragon NaturallySpeaking to let me spell that word correctly by saying the letters, especially the letter P. but it does let me say right now :-))

100_0133 Basically this is a conference to help people come together, network a little bit, and learned a great deal about WordPress. WordPress is a very useful content management system, and some people use it for blogging. Maybe I should phrase it differently, WordPress is a great blogging software program that some people use for content management. I personally happen to fall into both camps. I use WordPress to run most of my blogging websites, with the exception of a few legacy websites 100_0134 that work on Google's blogger system. I also use WordPress as the primary engine behind my web design services these days.

I have learned to mix this content management system that resides on my SQL, a terrific and free database system that can be deployed on the Internet or through web hosting packages. WordPress is designed to get results and communicate messages to people that read the content on a WordPress site. That is typically what companies want to do with their corporate website, but when they hire out webdesigners to create flashy web pages that show a few graphics, that is more advertising and much less conversation.

100_0140 So in this regard, I’ve stumbled upon a great new niche in corporate/business web design using content management systems and blogging/seo techniques.

Well, anyway, its late and I need to get some sleep for events tomorrow at the WordCamp conference.

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