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Directions to Blogworld 08 from Las Vegas Hilton

Sep 18, 2008

I found a set of directions on how to walk from the Las Vegas Hilton to Blogworld in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Despite a great effort by Blogworld, and despite having been to the LVCC many times, the directions seemed a bit confusing to me.

So I added some more arrows to try and explain things better.  The yellow is the path that is recommended for walking.  The green is a round about way to walk there as well.  Note, I used red to indicate sections of the building, road, or parking lot that are blocked mostly.


Hope that helps a few people that are trying to get from a to b or in this case from H to S or 1 to 3.  :)

If you are heading to blogworld, follow me at brettbum on twitter or utterz.

I'll be arriving Friday afternoon and at the show all day Saturday.  I'm staying with Drew from The BenSpark and also hanging out with Jules and Joe Klein. Plus, I'm looking forward to catching up with Warren Whitlock and lots of other folks at the show again this year.

So far I've heard about the


  • main cocktail party at 6 PM for Blogworld
  • Photowalk at 6:30 (ceasars palace meet up) about 65 people likely to participate
  • Tweetup in Tempo at 7 pm in LVCC
  • Evening free show tickets to Mama Mia, friday night while you are at BlogWorld? read here
  • about 7pm free show tickets to BlueMan Group, friday night while you are at BlogWorld? read here
  • about 7pm free show tickets to Zumanity, friday night while you are at BlogWorld? read here
  • Primary Blogworld party at 9pm
  • Something that B5 media is putting on most of the afternoon or evening
  • and a 'Bare Lounge at the Mirage Hotel' put on by Stephanie Argesta, whom I haven't met yet, but I did use her discount code to register!  :)


  • Steak Dinner meet up somewhere (trying to recall location) invite only I think and mine is still in the works

More Freebies for Bloggers at Blogworld

  • bloggers night out details now posted. free Vegas show tickets while you are at blogworld.

When in doubt or lost and can't find bloggers check the Tempo Bar in the LVCC btw.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Nice job with the image tweaks. Just updated our main blog entry at to reflect it. Really, we need a 3d walkthrough. Next year. :-)

Dave Taylor said...
8:17 AM  

Thanks for the directions. I'll do plenty of walking but glad that our hotel is on the monorail track.

BenSpark said...
10:09 AM  

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