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What Side of the Shit-Hit Fan are You On?

Sep 30, 2008

I've got some bad news for everyone. The Shit has Hit the Fan. Most people are still trying to figure out if they can reverse the fan or block the shit, but its happened already. There is too much momentum bringing this economy down and we are slipping over the edge.

You need to look at your situation and see what side of the fan you are on and whether or not you can dive for cover or at least cover up with a garbage bag before you get plastered.

Here in the SouthEast United States (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee) not only are we getting nailed with the freeze of credit and the tanking economy, but we have no gas. We are literally coming to a stand still.

The latest word is that we now will not see gas until mid October, about 3 weeks away.

Imagine what you would do if you could not fill up your car(s) for 3 weeks.

Could you get to work?

Could you get to the store?

Could your kids get to school?

Could you get to the hospital?

What would you do with your garbage?

What would you do without mail?

What would you do if you called 911 and no one came?

These are all real questions that we are facing down here after just a couple weeks without or with very limited supplies of gas.

We've got 3 more weeks to go!

With that in mind, if you live in a bordering state to the southeast, you better be ready for this too. Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama all of your local petroleum companies are going to look at the lack of supply here, see the demand and the opportunity to make more money and they are going to ship some of that gas here, taking away gas from your own state and simultaneously raising the price of gas nationwide.

The shit is hitting the fan in more ways than one right now. The economy isn't in a tail spin, it was blown out of the sky. Are you prepared for what's coming next?

No goods on the shelves at Christmas? (40% of retailers have lost their credit and can't buy goods to sell)

Lack of Fuel


Reduction of your Credit Card Limit (This is coming next folks. If you rely on your credit cards, your limit is going to get chopped very soon.)

401k plan that has been cut in half (you might have relied on this for emergency withdawals in a bad economy or if you get laid off, but these are dropping in value and if people pull their money out, that's just going to make the market worse)

Losing Your Job (Your company may be outside of finance and mortgages, but I've got news for you, your company probably relies on credit or relies on customers that have credit and might also rely on things like gas. Are you prepared to join the ranks of the unemployed?)

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