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Bird Crap on My Outdoor Keyboard - Perils of a Pro Blogger

Oct 8, 2007

It has been a couple months as I talked about the perils of being a pro blogger and having to Pressure Wash the Duck Crap out of My Office.

Since then I've been a little bit more diligent about chasing the ducks out of my office, but it is an open-air office and this morning when I came out to set up shop, I discovered that a smaller variety of bird visit my office.



If you are wondering what that is, in guessing that it's bird crap,  then you are right!

One of the ducks cousins apparently flew through and did a a drive by pooping on my keyboard. I'm not complaining too much it's still beautiful work and outside, and a wet paper towel was altered to fix the damage.  Fortunately I don't have to break out the pressure washer to clean up this time.

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Lol - don't upset the wildlife !


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