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Insights into My Grandfather Through a Watch from a Farmer

Oct 13, 2007

Last winter when my grandfather passed away, I gained some insights into my grandfather's life and talents through person that new him for a much shorter period of time.  My cousin had married a great guy from North Carolina, he is a farmer here and that proved to be significant.

My grandfather had grown up working on a farm in the 20s and 30s, and later had gone on to work in many other trades and businesses from photography to real estate to the vacation industry and construction, finance and charity and salvage and much more.

He loved to tinker with things whether they were big or small and my cousins husband remarked on the fact that my grandfather was just as at home breaking down a Caterpillar bulldozer or working on a watch.  You mention that it's not easy for people to work with in mediums that are very large and very small.

Transitioning from a bulldozer to the small gears or watch and feeling at home in either medium is not something that everyone can do.

Sometimes Saying it Brings it Home

Now I think that the statement was very true, but it's something that we hadn't vocalized before.  Making that comment help bring it home for everyone.

Now the other day I was reading an article, it was kind of a watch article.  It was talking about a number of different tools that can be used to work on watches. 

The normally I don't have all that much interest in watches, that's not something that I picked up for my grandfather although my father and brother both picked up that gene.

However, my cousin in law's statement rang through when I read the article title, and it let me over to the site that talked about a number of essential watch tools that anyone that worked on watches would need.

That let me even further into the site to a number of different pictures of tools for watch repair, and that took me back to my grandfather's workshop. 

More Powerful than a Psychiatrist's Couch

It's a weird journey that your mind can take when you start to put together words and can rapidly follow those words back across the Internet and bring home memories of the past.  In its own way, the Internet enables us to follow her chain of thoughts and deal with demons that would normally remain repressed for the lack of an opportunity to put those demons down.

It's funny how that article about watches helped me to absorb that one little sentiment that will probably help me remember my grandfather even more clearly than before.

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