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The Blogger Referral Program that Might make you Rich

Oct 3, 2007

Last week the LinkyLoveArmy quietly rolled out a major referral program for bloggers.  They are going to provide bloggers in their program that refer other bloggers to the system, a cut on the profits that those new bloggers bring in to the company.

Blogger Profit Sharing from a Paid to Blog Company!

First, here's my invitation code for you!  ;)


Second, here's how it works. 

If you refer a person, and they complete a mission or 100 missions for the LLA, you will get a percentage of the profit that those missions bring into the LLA.   No other paid to blog company that I know of pays bloggers a percentage of the profits, at best a couple give a flat fee (if they give anything at all).  A few others will give you an affiliate commission if you refer an advertiser that buys something, but this pays out on everything the referred bloggers earn for the company!

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

blog referral image - get rich with your blogging network

Third,  It covers three levels of referrals. 

So if you refer 10 people and they refer 10 people each and those 10 people refer 10 people, you will get a percentage of the profits from your 10, the next 100 and the next 1000. 

A percentage of the profit from 1,110 bloggers!

If you can find a better deal, send me your invitation code and I will sign up under you!

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