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Listening to Everybody's Got Their Something from the Blue Crush Soundtrack

Oct 20, 2007

I'm racing to catch up with my writing today, and I'm really focusing on trying to write extremely well but extremely efficiently. I'm running a new voice recognition software program today and at the same time a running a software program I'm listening to the soundtrack from blue crush, surfing movie from about five or six years ago. It's a good soundtrack and right now I'm listening to "everybody's got their something" by Nikka Costa on repeat.

I've experimented with the idea of listening to somebody else sing while I talk, and I'm trying to determine if that'll help me edit my work easier and faster. Sometimes I say things, and I think I've said them loud enough for other people to hear them, but I really haven't. The voice inside my head is louder than my external voice. So this is kind of like a training technique for me to practice speaking louder and more clearly.

I remember listening to this soundtrack a little too much when it came out a few years back. Its definitely a great summer song, especially the remix of the Bannanarama remix of cruel summer. If you have a convertible, its also a good cd to listen to while you are driving by the beach top down. I used to commute up A1A in south florida to work everyday and this would definitely wake you up in the morning and get you motivated. Today, I'm listening to it while I stand next to the bar in my dockside office by the lake.

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