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Oct 6, 2007

So next month a mess of us Blogger types are going to turn out in Las Vegas for the BlogWorld convention.  Its going to be a rip roaring good time and its very likely that someone will figure out how to break into the underground vault at the Bellagio, not to actually steal any money or jewels or anything, but just to be able to get the scoop on a great blog story!

That got me thinking that while they are breaking in to the Bellagio, the rest of us bloggers could do our part and run a distraction effort by hitting the bar in the Bellagio outside the famous water fountain show out front.  After we've had some cocktails we could then go out and take a great big mass blogger picture outside the fountain.

Now, Vegas is a very fun town.  Sure, gambling is so thick that you almost have to breath it.  I saw a couple years back an elderly woman that refused to leave the blackjack table.  She was using a portable oxygen concentrator and was being assisted by paramedics that were attempting to convince her that she would be better off getting loaded onto a gurney and going to the local hospital.

She disagreed and felt that what she needed more than a jolt of electricity or hit of oxygen, was a hit to get her to 21, again and again and again.  Then there are the guys handing out porn star trading cards on every corner and it just goes downhill from there.

Vegas is a fun town, so its going to be somewhat interesting when all these internet types turn out of their work from home lifestyle to let loose in the city that sleeps even less than bloggers do!

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