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Oct 2, 2007

Tonight I am catching up on some database work while the last two episodes of Heroes plays in the back ground.

I just returned from the Podcast and New Media Expo and this is one of the first full articles I have posted from something other than my phone.  I had a great time out at the expo and met some great people and connected up with some even better friends from last year.

I'll cover more about the show and some really cool developments in future articles, when I am not working on a database at the same time.  Database work requires creativity, but definitely not the same type of creativity it takes to write.

Regardless, the database work is for a very good cause.  I am working to give bloggers a second income, a means to blog for their day job, and even for several the option to get rich.

Speaking of rich (well on their way) I met the Ninja from Ask a Ninja out at the show and got close and personal with a couple of the girls from French Maid TV. 

Ninja is actually a very nice, but slightly extra skeptical fellow.  More on that soon too!

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