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Why You Should Pick from the Bottom 10 Casinos $$$

Oct 8, 2007

I really enjoy playing Texas hold 'em poker.  There's two places I like to play Texas Hold 'em, in Las Vegas in poker tournaments and online.

When I play poker online I don't like to use real money.  So although websites out there that cater to gamblers at like to play for real money online, don't do much for me.

There are a lot of these websites and I'm not knocking them.  I think if people want to gamble online or should have the ability to do so.  I don't think it's wise as online gambling I believe encourages people to spend a lot more money than they would anywhere else.

Plus for US citizens, and recent laws of made it almost illegal if not illegal to gamble online.  I haven't gone and got into these particular laws, but as I understand it if you're US citizen you're not allowed to gamble online any longer.

That is not eliminated online gambling because there are people all around the world that like to gamble online, and their gambling sites all around the world that like to cater to them. provides a quick rundown of some of these real money gambling websites.  A typical scene with real money gambling websites is that they provide new gamblers with some amount of money up front to gamble at the websites.  These amounts can range anywhere from $100-$1000 or more.

That may sound like a lot of money, but the reality is that online gambling casinos make a lot of money from their patrons.  That means the house wins more often than the people do just like in real world casinos.

Still if you're looking to check out some of the top 10 places that offer the biggest bonuses for new gamblers to gamble online and you're in a jurisdiction where it's legal to gamble online you might check this out.  As an accountant I would look at it from the perspective of a marketing campaign.  If a business can run a promotion that offers new customers $1000 to use their services, odds are that business expects to make at least $1000 for that customer.  So businesses that offer $1000 bonus are likely to be more successful at earning $1000 from their customers than other businesses that can only offer $500 or $100 bonuses.

You Might Be Better off with the Bottom 10 Online Casinos!

Now as I mentioned I don't gamble with real money online, however if I were to extrapolate my logic into how to choose an online gambling establishment and I lived outside of the US where was legal to gamble online, I would go to the establishment that offered the lowest sign up bonus looking at it from the perspective that they must be the least successful gambling casino as success is measured by taking money away from gambling patrons.

So this website offers up the top 10 gambling casinos online, I'd argue that if they wanted to help their gambling patrons they should offer up the bottom 10 gambling casinos online.

"Online Casino bluebook has sponsored this review although the thoughts and editorials are all my own. "  

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