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Blankets of Mass Destruction

Oct 8, 2007

OK, so Columbus didn't deliver Blankets of Mass Destruction that was a form of Bio terror utilized by the United States against Native Americans, but the truth about Columbus is that he and the people that followed brought types of disease that were foreign to the Americas. These diseases in large part, and the ruthless nature of the conquistadors and other settlers (my 13th great grandfather came across on the Mayflower along with his brother but my great great grandmother was Native American and survived Columbus) contributed in smaller part to the killing of 90% of the population throughout the Americas.

It was a different time and a great deal of ignorance on many levels helped to glorify the actions for decades and centuries even. We are not as ignorant (or like to think we are not) today and so we must recognize the historical realities of the past. Only if we recognize those realities do we have a chance of possibly recognizing the realities of the present.

fyi in case you had not noticed there is not a country or government anywhere on this planet that has evolved very much beyond the times of Columbus. As individuals we have learned and gained much wisdom but as organized groups and countries, we are as ignorant, petty, selfish, scared, and brutal as we ever were.

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