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Avoiding Middle of the night Leg Cramps

Jul 20, 2007

I run a lot and from time to time I will wake up in the middle of the night with a severe leg cramp in my calves.  Its agonizing and after almost 14 years of marriage I have slowly learned not to kick my wife on accident as I wake up from a deep sleep in excruciating pain and try to massage my leg back to normal (not to mention get to sleep).

Despite my running my circulation has never been great either.

So I was invited to try a product that you can apply to your legs before you run, or as part of your cool down or even prior to going to bed.

If only there was a product to give me a better smile . . .

The product is called Freeze It and it comes in the form of a roll on or in a gel. I tried the gel form.  When I first massaged it in I immediately breathed in the heavy menthol smell as the topical medicine began to work.

For the first 2-5 minutes I could not tell if anything was happening.  My skin was cooler too the touch on the leg that had the gel than my other leg.

Right around the 4-5 minute mark, I started to feel the medicine kick in.  My leg felt like it was hot/cold at the same time in a relaxing way that kind of felt like a massage.  (Imagine the pulse of your own blood flowing through your legs massaging your muscles that's kind of what it felt like.)

I also used some on my foot that has joints that sometimes get a little sore.  It felt very cool there as well, but it seemed to have a greater impact on the muscles of my leg. 

I mentioned that my circulation isn't so hot and I think this may have something to do with the feelings in the foot.  I'm not exactly like Adam Sandler in Mr Deeds goes to Washington with a black frost bitten foot that can't feel much, but I'm not too far off.  Minus the disgusting looking black foot thing that is.

Overall, this does seem to help my calves quite a bit and seems to make the circulation feel stronger in the muscles.  I probably won't wake up in the middle of the night resisting the urge to kick and flail out with my wife as an innocent but all to close bystander.

I looked up the price on their website and it runs about $10 which isn't bad, but if you look on Amazon the price is higher($15 - $20) so its probably best to go direct.

I plan on trying this out in a few other situations as well.  I'll probably try it as part of my cool down routine in the future, and I might let my son try it too.  He tends to experience some painful growing pains in his legs, which is a little different than work out pains.


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Hey, I realize that this post is pretty old compared to when I am posting this comment, but if you are still cramping up at night, try putting a bar of soap under your sheets (as crazy as that may sound). Check out this post to read more about that.

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