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The Skittish Basset Hound named Rubens

Jul 20, 2007

For the last week and a half 2 of our three dogs have been nuts.  My wife's basset hound and my beagle have both become skittish for no apparent reason at all.  They don't want to go outside, they don't want to go for walks, they cower for no reason, and they have been nervously peeing.

Rubens the basset hound by the water

Its that nervous part that has been nerve racking.  I think we might need to find a doggy psychologist or something.  Maybe a neighbor dog intimidated them.  The beagle is a female and the basset is a male and they are both fixed so I don't think its anything like doggy hormones or anything.

They are both great dogs in general.  Good with the kids, good with the baby, good with the other dogs, but all of a sudden they are a nervous wreck.  Our third dog is just fine, but she's a several years older.

I've checked a number of sources looking for more information on any issues with a Basset Hound or a Beagle.  All the information seems accurate, but nothing mentions anything about the potential for a temporary or sudden nervous fit of skittishness.

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They are probably picking up on something that you, as limited sensory humans, cannot detect. :) A dog trainer or dog behaviorist would be good. Perhaps something startled them when they were alone and they need to build up their confidence again.

Our girl Angel has stopped coming downstairs to the TV room lately and it was her favorite room a couple months ago. We are not sure why, but are trying to turn her back around.

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