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Dodgeblogium on the new Prince Album

Jul 16, 2007

Prince has got a new album out and I was talking with Andrew about it early this morning.  He mentioned that the album was a little on the average side.

It seems to me that my impression of quite a few of Prince's albums have been that I thought they were average when they came out, but over time I grew to think they were pretty damn good.  I think that has something to do with the fact that he is usually a good bit ahead of his time and it takes his audience a little time to catch up with him on whatever tangent of a musical experience he has veered off on this time. 

Prince is the type of person or artists that can eventually make just about anything work.  You may not get it at first.  You may not even get into it the first 50 times you hear it.  But if you catch him performing it live, even on TV something will probably get across and you will be converted.

He could probably do an infomercial selling auto accessories and you saw him performing live during the infomercial, you'd hit the phone and place your order. There are visionaries that see things and communicate ideas to other people and then there are visionaries that can make things happen. Prince can definitely make things happen.

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