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Voice Over Talent is Priceless

Jul 16, 2007

I learned a very valuable lesson at the Podcast and Portable Media Exposition last year in Ontario California. 

Good voice over talent is Priceless!

When you are trying to convey a message, an idea, a story, an article or even an advertisement a good voice recorded with high production values can deliver a great deal of results.

When you go out to hire someone, you rarely think to your self, I want to hire the wrong person for the job.  However, too often people do not do their homework before hiring voice over talent and they end up with average or bad talent.

A bad voice will chase your customers away or possibly even harm your business.  A good voice will attract customer and encourage them to hear your companies pitch.

Don't settle when it comes to voice over talent and you will never be sorry.  Publishers looking to turn their written content into an audio production should also consider hiring the best.  Your readership hinges on keeping your readers attention and this can only be done with someone that has a great voice.

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