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Do Something About Injustice Now

Jul 20, 2007

You will feel better about yourself.

That's what I did.  I have been pretty disturbed about the whole Michael Vick Scandal and even more so but in a less visceral way disturbed about the continual complete ineffectiveness of the POTUS George W Bush.

So I signed a couple petitions for the suspension of Vick and the Impeachment of Bush (More Petition details for both items here).

I feel a lot better now having done my small part for the world today and am looking forward to a chance to relax a bit this weekend, maybe even head to the driving range and swing a few golf clubs (standing sideways of course since I have a very dangerous right angle slice). 

For those of you that subscribe to my blog, you know that I have the world's most dangerous slice and I could be convicted myself of torture if I tried to tee off like a normal person and ended up wounding some other golfer standing directly in front of me in the driving range line up.

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