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UltraSentry: Defense Against Cyber Bandits

Jul 17, 2007

 I utilize Firefox for my browser and it has some excellent tools for protecting my computer while I'm surfing online.  However thing still slip through the cracks and sometimes they hit your registry and your computer.  At that point they've moved past your browser and there's not a lot Firefox can do about it.

You need a tool to help you clean up your computer after the fact as opposed to the preventative medicine the Firefox the far wall a number of other things can provide is an upfront defense.  I just read an article about UltraSentry, and a segment of that article leapt out at me but as a solution for this problem.

The user can set the native profiles (Total System Scrub, Log-off Clean up, & Privacy Guard) to completely erase not only your browser history, but the registry entries, swap file, and free disk space that can point back to your recently used documents, search history, and deleted email.

Keeping your registry clean and scrubbing your computer to free up disk space is one of those ongoing maintenance things that can drive you nuts if you're running a PC with Microsoft XP (I haven't tried beastie aside on off it's still a pain in the neck there too).  If you have found a better tool for keeping your registry clean and manage well drop us a comment and let us know what you're using.

UltraSentry: A Good Defense Against Cyber Bandits at Top 10 Tech Software

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