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Jogging with My Kids

Jul 16, 2007

Yesterday I went jogging with my son and daughter.  It was the first time jogging with my daughter Zoe.  She turns five in October.

We stretched before hand and ran at a very slow pace.  That was still quite a thing for Zoe, but she kept up for the entire 2 miles of the run.

My son did great too.  He's 9 and has been jogging with me before.  He had just received a new pair of running shoes and was itching to try them out to see if they would make him 'run faster'.

Zoe has gone for 2-3 mile walks with my wife and I many times and she often runs during those walks so I didn't think this was too much of a stretch for her to try.  I didn't expect her to make it the entire way, but she did.

Maybe in a few more years, we'll even be able to get my third child, Mya out for a distance run.

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