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Jul 28, 2007

I am extremely disgusted by the Michael Vick thing.  I am also disappointed to see the Falcons, the NFL and the corporate sponsors take so long to suspend Vick (although the sponsors are making some initial moves finally).

One of Vick's co defendants will be entering a plea on Monday an will likely turn against Michael Vick.

I do believe very firmly that Vick is innocent until proven guilty.

I also believe very firmly that regardless of his legal culpability, he had a moral responsibility to manage his affairs and property better.  If he had been spending just a fraction of his money to insure that no one was abusing dogs on his property or using his property for deviant behavior 60-70 dogs would not have been put to sleep and countless others would not have died on his property or soon after.

So I organized a site to protest Vicks suspension without pay.

What I am doing about it

  1. The site is  I've collected almost a dozen petitions from around the web where you can take action and make your own thoughts known on the subject.
  2. I've established a blog carnival to collect other bloggers perspective on Vick.
  3. I have collected close to 40 different groups that have hundreds of members each that are working to sack vick.
  4. I've also collected dozens of video clips from news, to protest videos and a couple parody videos.  Plus, sponsor commercials of Vick including one with Vick and his Pitbulls in what looks like a dog fighting ring, the commercial is for Nike.

There is lots that you can do

  • Please stop by and sign one of the petitions or
  • blog about the situation and submit your article to the blog carnival. 
  • You can also link to the site and we will include you in the blogroll of bloggers supporting the sacking of Michael Vick.

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i love that! sack vick indeed!

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