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Looking for a Pickle Hit Man and found a Superbad (that's good) Movie

Aug 1, 2007

I had received several referrals to look up the hit man named Brett (same as yours truly) that was terrorizing YouTube killing people with a pickle.

Brett, you just have to see this Brett character, he takes 47 hours to kill this guy with a pickle on YouTube.  Then he gets a contract to kill himself . ..

OK, so the cool thing is that along the way I came across a movie trailer on YouTube for a movie called Superbad. Its right on the front page of YouTube all day or something today.  The thing is the YouTube trailer is a short version of the real trailer over at Superbad the website (

The movie is about 3 high school senior nerds trying to make there last stand before leaving high school.  The movie was made by the people that did the 40 Year Old Virgin, so don't expect a Dead Poet's Society here.

The actual website had the full trailer which to me seemed a whole lot funnier than the YouTube version.

This is kind of one of those part dazed and a whole lot confused teen angst movies mixed with a lot of 'just wrong' funny crap along the way. I'm pretty sure I lived through that experience with the fake id, getting mugged in the liqour store and then having a few drinks with the police at a bar, when I was in high school. Someone from my home town has been embelishing stories about my sordid past and taming them down a bit.

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Even though I'm a grown up, I hope that the word superbad becomes a common place adjective I think it makes a nice addition to my vocabulary.

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