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Catching Up and Getting Further Behind

Aug 11, 2007

I have been working all week to get caught up on things.  And making a lot of progress all week long and I've gotten caught up on many of the things I wanted to do this week not counting my taxes.


I had two big goals to achieve

  1. Get my new program online at the LLA
  2. Get my taxes done


I've completed the first one, but I haven't even started on my taxes yet.  Well to be more clear I have a rough draft of my taxes completed which I did back in April so that I could submit an estimate and fill out an extension.  That basically means that you have to do your taxes on April 15 the extension is just there so that you can confirm that shoe have everything figured out.  In my case I have a number of expenses that I hadn't been able to add to my calculations yet and I'm expecting my taxes actually be lower than estimated once I work those additional expenses and to the mix but I had to be conservative and cover all my revenue and earnings for the previous year.


This week I also had to do a little side project and catch up on my writing.  Just because I had two big projects to do to me that I couldn't skip earning money for the week.

So I have literally been working day and night train to get caught up on everything.  I haven't had too much time for fun, but I have been able to get out and get a little exercise everyday.


Atlanta's in the middle of a heat wave and it has literally been hot as hell around here.  They got up to 103 yesterday and it was supposed to get that hot again today.  Now that's 103° without a heat index.  With the heat index it was supposed to get up to somewhere between 110 and 115° here in Atlanta.


I've lived in the desert and I've lived in the swamp and I lived in the Midwest corn fields and I know hot.  And I know that 115° is hot!

So I've been waiting for the temperature to drop down at night to a respectable 93° before I take a walk for a couple miles with the dog.


Well that's the update for the day, hoping it's more interesting stuff soon want to get out from under this pile work.  Tomorrow I'm taking a class on the comedy of business or maybe it's the business of comedy.  I've been looking forward to this class all summer and I am hoping to learn a great deal and have a little fun too.

So in the meantime I'm doing just a little bit of writing right now, I've got my tax paperwork organized a big table and I'm hoping to tackle my taxes tonight.  The sooner I get my taxes done, the sooner I can pack up and leave and catch up with my family which I haven't seen for a week.

I miss my wife and kids and I definitely need a break for a day or two.  Maybe by the time I catch up with them the heat wave will finally break, and I will build to spend some time with them playing in the lake.

By the way, last night while I was doing some very boring coding work and trying to stay awake, I watched the new James Bond movie finally and I thought it was pretty damn good.  I wrote a review about it over at HollywoodmoviesUSA.  You can see why I liked the movie if you get a chance to check out my review.


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