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Air Jordans Have Arrived!

Aug 18, 2007

A couple weeks back I ordered a pair of Air Jordans, actually the Air Jordan XIV to be precise.  I picked them up from (ergo Michael Jordan wore the number 23 . . .) 

Growing up in Illinois and living in North Carolina today, I have been a Michael Jordan fan for a little over 2 decades now.


So I opened up the box and started removing the shoes.  Memories of a time when Michael Jordan was redefining the way basketball was played started coming back.  When I was a kid we used to think that if you wore a pair of Air Jordans, you would be able to jump higher and by extension shoot better.


Now that I'm grown up, I know that the shoes don't make you better, but I also have learned that they do signify the results that can be achieved by someone through sheer determination, practice, persistence and even a certain ability to continue taking risks.


Michael Jordan was extremely talented, but he was also very very persistent and he didn't give up for anything.  There are a lot of pseudo sports stars today that pull massive endorsement deals that dwarf even those of Michael Jordan, but no one has filled his shoes in terms of inspiration yet.

IMG_9383As I watch the implosion of Michael Vick in the NFL, I remember back to the days of Michael Jordan and what a real sports legend is made of. 

Michael Jordan earned a fortune but he gave his heart and soul for the fans and the things he loved, he didn't sell his soul to the devil, he shared his soul with all of us and in return we gave back and we were all better for it.

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