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Review of On the Edge with Alex Krige

Aug 11, 2007

I came across an interesting website by Alex Krige called "On the Edge."  On the edge is a website that has a number of short tidbits.  They sponsored me to write a review and I was glad that I did.  As you will see below I had a lot of fun with this site, and for me that is what it is all about!


This is not a micro-blog like you might see on twitter and it's not exactly a blog either.  I would say that the site doesn't exactly have a good category as far as what it is, but it does have some interesting material and on the Internet that's really the one thing that's important.

If you've got interesting content on your website everything else will follow.

If you're looking for interesting concepts or ideas or even a little news of the day but you don't want to read an endless amount of drivel (maybe you're tired of reading my stuff) then I guarantee you'll find something interesting at this site.


Now personally I tend to gravitate towards things that are funny or slightly weird even.  So the weird stuff tab leapt out at me like a siren calling an ancient Greek ship into the rocks.

Of course I have a taste for the political as well and once I was in the weird stuff section I gravitated towards a quick story about Hillary Clinton's cleavage.  Please do not misunderstand, there is not too much that is normally compelling about her cleavage.

The article was about the comparison between Hillary Clinton's cleavage and Bill (Billy Boy) Clinton's cleavage.  If you read the article you'll notice that they basically have the same size boobs.


There is one thing that I do pretty well on the Internet and that's comment on other people's blogs or websites.  I'm often inspired in a  warped sort of way by what other people write and I tend to drop very long comments to explore my inspiration.  In this regard I have one criticism of the current incarnation of this website.


All comments are limited to 199 words, or maybe it was characters I forget now.  It must have been characters.

Anyway I wrote this funny little comment about the Clinton's boobs, but I wasn't able to publish it because it was too long so I had to shorten it down. 

Fortunately my readers won't have to read the short version, you can get the long version right here because I saved it for you.  First you should probably read the original article on the website titled Bill vs. Hillary - Battle of the Boobs (you can also read my short comment, which might steal the thunder of my original long comment below)

Your analysis of the size of the cleavage of the former president and the former first lady and current Senator is very important.  After paying $25 to receive an online certificate that states that I am a expert at photo analysis, I have concluded that your own analysis is indeed correct.  Both Bill and Hillary have size B-Cup Boobs.  (Note they are also world class boobs but that is a different subject.)

There is one subtle and one not-so-subtle difference however that you failed to recognize in your photo analysis.  The subtle differences that Bill's chest is much bigger than Hillary's.  My analysis indicates that Hillary is a 38B while Bill is a 43B(48B in the 90's before the bypass).

The not-so-subtle difference, that your analysis failed to identify relates to the fact that Bill has much bigger, harder and pointier nipples as compared to Hillary who barely has any.  This would be significant for several reasons:

This would indicate that Bill was likely to be responsible for breast-feeding Chelsea and not Hillary as previously was supposed and irregardless of other controversies that indicate the Chelsea was nurtured with formula.

Given Bill's proclivities, it's possible that he is still taking medicine to induce lactation.  There are some schools of thought that even believe that the white stain on the blue dress belonging to Monica Lewinsky, was actually a milk stain.

The real cover-up in the Lewinsky scandal never centered around the possibility or likelihood that Bill and Lewinsky were involved, the coverup related to Bill's attempts to hide the fact that he is a closet lactater, much like many members of congress work to cover up their proclivity for wearing diapers for sexual gratification with prostitutes(ergo the DC Madame).

On a side note, I think it's also worthy to point out that in the pictures that show Hillary exposing cleavage, she's wearing a push bra.  She was likely following Bill's example, her display of cleavage was likely an attempt to look more presidential in Bill's image.

Site Layout Review

now the fun stuff is out of the way, I'd like to point out a couple recommendations to help the site work better.

First I would move the feed subscription counter down to the bottom of a blog, and make the Square Banner with a picture of Alex Krige a little bigger.


Second, I would put just one bigfeed subscription button in the operating corner as opposed to listing several at the bottom of the website.Just use the big RSS button and maybe add ae-mail subscription optionand leave it at that.

Third,I try and find someway to get pictures to show up in theexcerpts of the articlesto help engage people to come into the actual articles a little bit more. The articles are shortand the ones with pictures are more compelling and if there were pictures and the summaries on the main page that might help walk people through the website a little deeper.

1alexFinally,I would drop the links for privacy and contact us and maybe even the advertised button down into the footer of the website.  

Those links are taking a prime real estate on the websitethat could be either used for functionality for readers or for advertising and dropping them into the footer is normal practice and many people know to look there for the that type of information.

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