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The Big Push

Aug 18, 2007

As I prepare to finish up the month of August, I'm preparing for a big push in the recruiting area.  I need to do a great deal of recruiting and training and I intend to get a job fairs and colleges around the country.

I have been considering the best way to approach job fairs for about a month now and pretty much have my plan wrapped up.  Extending the focus to college recruiting is going to be my next step.  Actually have a great deal more experience recruiting at colleges and I do at straight up job fairs.

With experience in one area and no experience in the other poor little experience in the other, my expectation upfront is that college recruiting will be a lot cheaper than job fair recruiting.  That could be incorrect, but that time to build my plan until I have some on the ground experience in this particular market.

So in addition to writing a lot of articles this week and I'm to be focusing on building up the plans for these recruiting efforts.  If all goes well I'll start my first job fairs in college recruiting efforts within a week or two probably closer to them next week.

In the past I've had experience recruiting people to work in accounting and financial positions as well as recruiting people to work encounter at labor positions such as home repair construction and painting.  This time around him to be looking for people with good writing skills and the ability to write on topics that are very eclectic from home lighting repair to finance to politics to religion and comedy in business and everything in between.

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