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Idol Contestant Belts Out Song and a Baby Boy

Aug 9, 2007

I just read this story about an American Idol hopeful that was a dish named for American Idol and went into labor right in the middle of the song.  The judges asked her she was okay and she said she wanted to finish the song while she clenched her belly with one hand and shook her other hand from the force of the contractions that she was suffering right in the middle of a note.

Obviously she wants to get into the competition and she's probably not going to be able to repeat that performance for Simon, Paula and Randy.  She dig it pushed through to the next round after pushing out a healthy baby boy.  The baby boy got pushed out of the hospital after she left the audition.  Of course you wouldn't leave to go to the hospital even after she auditioned until she learned whether or not she would get moved to the next round.  So I'm sure will be held to watch this audition, this season as its certain to them clued a great deal of drama and American Idol definitely does drama.

More on this story - American Idol hopeful goes into labour during audition | Entertainment

Separately, we've been working to get moved out of our house.  It's a very slow process and that is primarily because we have more important things to do than to move.  We have shelter lined up and set up already so that's us much concern.  We been more concerned with my wife's job, my business and writing, getting our taxes done (we filed for an extension and now they are Due Due (similar to doo doo) next week) etc.

sorry I lost my train of thought there for a second, a telemarketer phone wallows writing that last sentence and I had to run upstairs to pick up the last phone left in the house which is not a wireless phone and I was about 10 seconds to delay because the fax machine that still here kicked in and started deep and buzz and then squealing and all that only to find out that it was a telemarketer from a Wall Street Journal.  Rupert Murdoch must have his people working overtime to boost revenues already!

So anyway I was saying that I have not been able to focus on the House too much.  Anyone that watches the news can see that real estate is crazy right now and I'm not in a hurry to dump our house into a buyers market.

Our house is actually positioned pretty well given the market conditions.  Our houses under $300,000 in value and it's an extremely good shape because we've done a number of serious renovations on the House both internally and externally.  That means that people looking for a good house that can't find credit to purchase one of those McMansions could easily move in ours and still has the money to spare for an extra couple Hummers or something.

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