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Big Cucumber Bush

Aug 17, 2007

Thursday morning I woke up to see a very large cucumber growing in a blush.  I had not slept much in the previous two days and I had driven a good part of the night and so looking at a big cucumber growing in a bush was not terribly surprising.  I knew that I wasn't dreaming, I was wide awake, but I was in that accepting state of mind that sometimes accompanies me when I wake up yet still feel exhausted.

This was the first thing to my wife heard when I woke up, "that Bush is growing a big cucumber."

Now she thought that was quite funny, however I was not trying to be funny and just came out of my mouth.  In retrospect I don't even think it was all that funny but it probably caught her in some similar state of half wakefulness where things seem funnier than they really are.

To bring reality to the situation, I would explain that there is a cucumber vine that has overgrown its way into a series of boxwood bushes and the vine has grown up and over the bushes and started to grow back down the side that runs up against the house and the window that I was looking out of.

So this cucumber vine that seems to be growing on something akin to cucumber hormone growth serum was pretty damn big and that's probably not terribly surprising.  There must be something of a soil in that location because the boxwood bushes are pretty big as well and they probably are due to be trimmed down a little bit. 

This cucumber vine doesn't exactly represent the garden of life, but it definitely is growing with gusto in an area of North Carolina where rain has been very very scarce.  The drought conditions here are quite as bad as they are in Atlanta, but they are still pretty bad.

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