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Don't Audit This - Without Rubber Gloves

Aug 14, 2007

This year, I filed for an extension on my income taxes for the first time ever.  I didn't have all of the 1099's (corrected) and some other items in time to do my taxes by April 15th. 

No problem, I estimated my taxes and filed for an extension.  So my taxes are now due, ...  tomorrow!

I didn't get around to working on them all summer and have been racing to wrap things up since yesterday.

My Beagle Bleu decided last night that I wasn't being responsive enough to her needs.  She decided to demonstrate just what her needs were in a way that I would have to pay attention.

So she came into the living room where I was working.  I had files spread out all over the floor, couches and tables in organized stacks as I was working through everything.

She proceeded to come over to me, and start whimpering and then . . .

Pee all over one of my stacks of paper work(Big Mental Head slap!)

I hadn't let her outside in about 2 hours and for some reason she is going through a phase where she has to be walked on a leash or she won't take care of business unless apparently she feels inclined to take care of business on my stack of 1099's.

So up front I apologize to the IRS if they happen to audit me.  They should come in prepared to treat my tax backup with rubber gloves.

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