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Don't Tell My Daughter the Duck Hawk is on the Job

Aug 19, 2007

There's a duck hawk operating in our back yard.  Its looking for baby ducks to eat for lunch.

My daughter has been feeding and playing with the baby ducks quite a bit all summer.


The ducks just hang out in a partly dried up lake bed.  My daughter above is standing where the lake used to be.


Above she's trying to prevent a Duckicide from taking place.

Then today the Duck hawk showed up while my daughter was skating on her heelies.


You can see the Duck Hawk (not its real name) sitting on the fence post, just past the bird feeder.  You can't see it but the baby ducks are huddling around the bigger ducks just down and to the left of the hawk, underneath the fishing dock.


Here the hawk is trying to hide itself in a nearby weeping willow tree where it might swoop down on the ducks next.    

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