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180 Degree View From My Office Fishing Dock

Mar 14, 2008

Its finally that time of year here in North Carolina and I'm working on getting into my regular office routine of working on the fishing dock. Today's actually my second day working by the dock of the bay (we call it a cove since it's a lake).

I thought I'd show off my mad-UN-photoshop skills and provide a 180 degree stitched together view of my view.

Just curious, but would like to ask the question to everyone

Where do you work? What's it look like? or

Where would you like to work?

Over the years, I've worked in an old cotton warehouse renovated into a 2 dollar whore house and then renovated into a bar, I've worked in tanks(a big cylinder)1 and in deserts and in tracked vehicles, I've worked in barns and high rise office buildings where the cafe was an Emeril's restaraunt.

I've never worked on a boat nor on a plane but I have worked in a tree house and on mountain tops.

So where have you worked, more importantly, where do you like to work, wish you worked etc.

I'm curious about work settings and not company names or what have you. Company names and jobs can come and go, but what about the location does it for you?

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