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Utterz Bought My Kids Pizza-Had Lots left Over!

Mar 20, 2008

I won a $100 from Utterz last month and received my care package yesterday.

Thanks Utterz!

I took the kids out for Pizza and prepared the key chain Bessie's for their new duty patrolling my tub with my 2 year old. Its dangerous work for Bessie's but definitely important. Too many people down play the importance of tub toys, but for my daughter Mya, its the most important thing in the world (next to Scooby Doo and marching like an elephant on the Jungle Book).

She does like moo cows too. If I could some day become skilled enough at animation to create a moo cow marching scene and add it to the movie the Jungle Book, well let's just say that Daddy would be the favorite person in the whole world.

Until then, I guess I'll keep peddling travel insurance and using my money to pay for more courses, training, software and equipment to get there.

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