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Mar 20, 2008

I rarely channel my inner cat. If I did, my cat allergies would kick in.

However, this morning I noticed that Syd, the seven toed cat had a hankering to travel. Her lights were working just fine, but with gas prices here at $3.26 a gallon her tank was empty and she was going no where fast.

I have to warn you that Syd the cat is a vicious hunter, but she does like to stay warm at night. So it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see her break out a festool chainsaw to not only get a mouse out of a tree, but to cut up some firewood for the wood burning stove. I have a suspicion that seven toe cats are evolution in process and will ultimately be used like humans use opposable thumbs. Syd can almost hold things in her paws like we hold things in our hands.

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