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Bird Taking Off - Man Eating Illinois Birds

Mar 16, 2008

Here is a picture that my wife snapped out of the van window. This bird, possibly an eagle but I'm not a bird person, was sitting with another large bird in a filed about 100 meters from my uncles old farm house in Metamora, IL.

The picture was taken about a year ago and was the first time I ever saw a bird of this size (wings span about 5-7 feet) in Illinois. (There are legends about gigantic birds in the area that have been documented like big foot legends on the West Coast, but I've never seen them and those legends talk of birds with wings spans of 15- 25 feet and Native American cave paintings of man eating birds near the river.

This is more likely a rabbit eating bird here and not a man eater.

I was emailing a copy of this picture along with several others to my cousin after digging them off my hard drive and thought I'd share them with everyone here. The more I look at this picture the more I like it, I think I might have the image made into a comforter sets for Christmas presents next year.

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Thats a BALD EAGLE alright and its just a good inspiring picture

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