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stupid mom - Its not the Size but the Shape?!?

Mar 21, 2008

Yeah Luke Wilson definitely has a nose with a penile resemblence. When I dugg up the Slick Willy Wonker picture there was an image next to it, 4 pictures of Owen Wilson each contemplating the uh distinctness.

They guy has bigger problems that he's overcoming. If he survives those, hopefully he'll take a winter off and get a nose job or something, cause that thing is only going to grow in funnier as he ages.

He should maybe also consider going after whomever performed the circumcision on his nose.

Obviously they were drunk and went for the wrong end of the baby.

That said the image with this article provides a DIY circumcision tool for manly men, but I warn you, you better have good bathroom lighting and stain proof paint before you take on your fixer upper at home.

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