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Homophobia Correlation to Chin Size

Mar 27, 2008

(This post is in response to a recent mini scandal involving Jay Leno's homophobic remarks.)

A number of studies have demonstrated that there is a distinct link between homophobia and chin size in men (no idea about women on this one).

Apparently, men that have latent to strong homosexual tendencies and have grown up in a sociological background that teaches them that homosexuality is bad, evil or abnormal or something come into conflict with their own feelings.

Some of those men resist the urge to find a sexual release in their fantasies via homosexual relationships, masturbation, heavy patting, whipping themselves on the back, becoming a priest in the Catholic church, joining the Republican party or becoming a televangelist in a baptist community. When they resist these urges, they often times resort to the practice of chin stroking.

Excessive chin stroking stimulates a number of biological processes (similar to human growth hormone) that can result in the growth and enlargement of the chin. This is a combination typically of hormones that are not released through normal fantasy relief processes and the physical overstimulation of the chin as a body part.

Those unused un-expelled hormones then have a direct impact on the Thyroid which is also getting stimulus messages from the stroking of the chin and that causes rapid growth.

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